Update to TEOC, continued

Just as I,  J.J. Daiak, was the founder and sole creator of all of the content on this TEOC website, I am now also the founder and President of TOUGH ENOUGH ON CRIME, INC., and intend that TOUGH ENOUGH ON CRIME, INC. will soon enough be a much stronger crusading force for real Criminal Justice Reform (CJR) in Florida. (The current political situation in Florida makes any real CJR impossible now. But things and elected politicians do change. “Remember the Alamo”: Texas recently made very serious CJR a reality there).

TOUGH ENOUGH ON CRIME, INC. is still in the planning and ramping up stage, with the goal to begin public operations before the end of 2023. We are currently seeking individuals and groups with a passion for real CJR in Florida who want to work with or for us. My own resume with my rather unique background showing my qualifications for the pursuit of real CJR in Florida is available upon request. We need website-designers, social-media experts, consultants and analysts, directors, and those with experience in setting up the operating procedures on a non-profit corporation focused on real CJR in Florida.   And of course, input and ideas from those folks most directly impacted by the current Criminal Justice system in Florida, the families and loved ones of Florida Prisoners. For now, please email me directly with your comments, ideas, and skills.

Thank you. J.J. Daiak , email me at jj@toughenoughoncrime.com

B.    I received a handwritten letter in June 2023 from a Florida prisoner, “A.W.”, sentenced seven-years ago after a jury trial to 48-years in prison (for basically doing nothing more than firing off a single gunshot into the air) that included a statement that means the world to me in my pursuit of CJR in Florida:

          “Your ToughEnoughOnCrime website is seen & known by those incarcerated and their families. Thank you for all you do for those still within the fence, behind gates/doors of bronze, and iron bars: ‘Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison’ (Heb. 13:3).